Oregon Coast Photography Workshop

Workshop location; This black and white, morning image captures the sun still behind the trees on the cliffs above Hug Point. The heavy atmosphere causing pronounced sun rays to burst through the gaps in the branches and spill out across the scene. The dramatic cliffs here are tree capped and undulate through the image. At one low point is a set of waterfalls that spill water on to the beach and flow in a curving stream across the sand toward the viewer.

JUNE 19th - 24th, 2024

Space Available
$1690 USD
Instructor: Andy Cook


Join us as our workshop photographs the Oregon coast, one of the most exciting and dynamic coastal regions of the country.

FOCUS: Photograph scenic beaches, a quaint harbor, bridges, lighthouses, tidal pools and more.

Workshop image; This dusk photo is from beach level with a curving line of barnacle covered rocks entering in the bottom right corner. The rocks take half the frame height where they enter, but they diminish in size as they sweep across the frame allowing beach sand and water to be visible above and below them. In the upper half of the image is an undulating hillside with fog partially obscuring it. In the fog one can make out several clumps of pine forest and on a cliff, to the left, the Heceta Head Lighthouse whose light beam illuminates the fog around it. On a ridge, to the right, sits the white, red roofed lighthouse keepers house whose windows glow orange with interior lights.
Heceta Head Lighthouse
Photography location; Vertical, sunrise photo of pink clouds and a blue sky surrounding a pointy rock and reflecting in a tide pool on Bandon Beach, Oregon coast.
Bandon Beach Sunrise


The workshop starts on Wednesday, June 19, 2024 at 5:00 pm with introductions and a meeting in the hotel conference room. At 7:00 pm we depart for a photography location.

LODGING LOCATION: Sunset Motel, 1865 Beach Loop Drive, Bandon, Oregon. 800-842-2407
Check-in Wednesday, June 19, 2024; Check-out Thursday, June 20, 2024.

This hotel is perfectly located for our group to access the beach, it has a range of room styles. Andy stays in a basic, rustic room. Other rooms and nearby hotels available.

Relocate to
River House Inn, 1202 Bay Street, Florence, Oregon, 97439. 877-997-3933, 541-997-3933
Check-in Thursday, June 20, 2024; Check-out Friday, June 21, 2024.

Relocate to
Holiday Inn Express & Suites, 135 SE 32nd Street, Newport, Oregon 97365. 541-867-3377
Check-in Friday, June 21, 2024; Check-out Saturday, June 22, 2024.

Relocate to
Spindrift Inn, 114 Laneda Ave, Manzanita, OR 97130. (503) 368-1001
Check-in Saturday, June 22, 2024; Check-out Monday, June 24, 2024.

One year in advance we will reserve a block of rooms at the Spindrift Inn. Please call (not online) the hotel to put one of these rooms in your name. This lodging is modest, feel free to stay anywhere in Manzanita.

ENDS: Workshop ends after photographing Monday morning June 24, 2024. This location is a favorite, usually participants photograph until 9 or 10 am, be careful planning flights.

NOTE: One may find it rewarding to stay after the workshop and repeat some of the Manzanita locations inverting the visit times; morning to evening, evening to morning.

Workshop location; A cluster of fishing vessels fills the frame in this image of Newport Marina on the Oregon coast.
Newport Marina


MORNING: We'll be at a photography location for the start of civil twilight and we'll stay past sunrise then go to breakfast.

MIDDAY: Most days we relocate to a new hotel. Post processing assistance is limited.

EVENING: Dinner in a restaurant every late afternoon before evening photography.

Workshop location; At the bottom of this vertical image taken at dawn are rocks scattered on sand and capped with green seaweed. A bit further up are many, partially exposed posts from long gone piers, but some water does encircle them.  At the top one sees the Art Deco styled Siuslaw River Bridge spanning the slow moving river.
Siuslaw River Bridge


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Photography location; Sunset photo of waves crashing on rocks at Cannon Beach on the coast of Oregon. The sun is visible behind splashes that are spiking into the air after a wave crashes on rocks. The sky is purple and orange and filled with clouds partially outlined by edge glow from back lighting.
Cannon Beach Sunset


participant experience level

EXPERIENCE: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

workshop group size

GROUP SIZE: Target number of participants is 8.

workshop effort scale

EFFORT: Moderate - Involves trail hiking to reach some locations, One hike will be about 1.25 miles each way. The elevation drop to some beaches is about 150 feet.

workshop weather conditions

CONDITIONS: Be prepared for cool temperatures and moisture, bring a winter coat.

Workshop location; This is a low angle photo with a large rock filling the right side of the frame, on it is a cluster of orange and red starfish, green anemone and mussels. The rest of the foreground is a sand bottomed tide pool. Above the tide pool are distant tall rocks of Bandon Beach and the sky with puffy white clouds.
Bandon Beach Starfish


suggested workshop airports

AIR TRAVEL: Most people flying to Oregon for this workshop will find flying into Portland to be the best choice, others will find flying to Eugene to be preferable.

Driving time from Portland to Bandon, OR is 4 hrs 45 min.
Driving time from Eugene to Bandon, OR is 2 hrs 45 min.

Driving time from Manzanita to Portland, OR is 2 hours.
Driving time from Manzanita to Eugene, OR is 3 hrs and 15 min.

car information

DRIVING CONDITIONS: Paved roads. A standard rental car will be sufficient. We prefer participants car pool with each other to limit our impact and get to know one another.

Workshop location; This is a long lens image which compresses a lone surfer exiting the water against a background of rugged, tree topped cliffs embroiled with stormy clouds.
Smuggler Cove Surfer


equipment information


FOR OREGON COAST: Lens range from at least 18mm to 300mm after the lens multiplication factor, polarizing filter, 6 stop and 10 stop neutral density filters.

CLOTHING / SHOES: When photographing streams, tidal pools and while on the beach, a sandal, that holds the ankle, or Teva style shoe that is designed to get wet, may be the best choice although they may cause blisters. Neoprene socks may help with this. Andy usually wears a winter jacket, hat, shorts and Tevas when photographing on the beach. In summer the water is chilly so many prefer to wear knee high rubber boots.

Photography location; Vertical, sunrise photo of pink clouds and a blue sky surrounding a pointy rock and reflecting in a tide pool on Bandon Beach, Oregon coast.
Bandon Beach Sunrise