Workshop Testimonials

A row of back lit photographers, with backs to the ocean, photographing cliffs and rocky shoreline at sunrise.
Anticipating Light Beams

Jeff Nigro, California

"I signed up for the Glacier National Park workshop and was initially nervous about being a fairly novice photographer. Andy's exceptional skill as a teacher is that he can work with beginners and experts alike. He never made me feel intimidated, and worked diligently to ensure that everyone in the workshop was learning at their own pace. I look forward to signing up for my next workshop and I would recommend Andy's workshops to anyone interested in taking their photography to the next level."

A photographer on a black stone beach in Iceland photographing blue chunks of glacial ice.
Capturing the essence of Iceland

Barry V. Downers, Illinois

"Thank you for the great job on your workshop, I enjoyed the entire week and learned a tremendous amount and enjoyed the other participants. The experience is still sinking in! I would recommend your workshop to anybody! and look forward to attending another in the future... Many thanks!"

Two photographers in an alpine basin photographing wildflowers.
Spellbound by Wildflowers

Susie Litwinetz, Colorado

"I wanted to thank you for another excellent workshop, this time in Moab, Utah. Not only was it a fabulous location, but the experiences I had in photographing sunrises, sunsets and stars have added so much to my understanding of photography, both in the field and post-processing... I appreciated the positive teaching skills you used throughout the week. You encouraged me to think things through to help develop my own understanding, you patiently explained things I didn't know, and your genuine warmth and enthusiasm provided an optimum climate for learning. You understand that it takes time for people to master new information and you pace your instruction for each individual. For these reasons, I will continue to recommend your workshops to people I meet and sign up for others in the future... Thank you again for a fabulous week."

A photographer standing in a forest surrounded by and photographing fall colors.
Caught up in Fall

David Higgs, California

"I really enjoyed the workshop very much and wanted to thank you for all your help! You are a tireless instructor and I came away with so much new knowledge and a much improved workflow..."

Group of photographers photographing sunset at a beach.
Enjoying Sunset

Rich Snider, Massachusetts

"I'll be going on your Colorado part 2 trip in September and am about 1/3 of the way through your instructional videos. Thank you very much! First, they were an unexpected bonus when they arrived in the mail. Second, they are very usable. I have struggled with PS videos in the past and your pace and style are just right..."