Panorama of aspen and lupine near Crested Butte, Colorado.
Aspen & Lupine

The Photographer

Andy Cook: The allure of the Rocky Mountains forever tugged on Andy. Finally, in 1987 he moved to Colorado and started exploring the mountains and valleys of the state. After years of hunting, fishing and hiking throughout Colorado, in 1997 he took his wife's 35mm SLR and went for a hike with a friend. After getting film back from the drug store he decided not to hike with the camera again. Yep, the images were terrible.

Later, that same year, Andy met Richard Norman, a very accomplished landscape photographer with a history of instructing photography workshops. Andy went for another hike, with a camera.

Andy's photographs have been published in numerous magazines and newspapers including National Audubon Society, Colorado Adventure, 5280 Magazine, and Colorado Vacation Planner. He has also sold images to National Geographic, National Geographic Maps, Budweiser, The Conservation Campaign, American National Bank, The Metropolitan Museum of Art (NY) and more. His work has appeared on calendars, postcards, note cards and he's sold many prints to individuals and institutions.

Photo of Andy Cook.
Andy Cook

The Company

Rocky Mountain Reflections Photography: In 1998, about a year after meeting Richard, Andy believed he'd improved enough to be able to help beginners learn landscape photography. So he and Richard starting holding indoor, camera classes for beginners in Colorado Springs. Then they started holding blended classes, classroom work and field work in Garden of the Gods, and then in Rocky Mountain National Park.

In 2001 things were going well enough that on a backpacking trip company names were being discussed, a friend suggested Rocky Mountain Reflections. Well, it was already taken, but adding photography at the end created a wonderfully descriptive name, albeit quite long.

For many years the company produced postcards, note cards, posters and several books authored by Andy. Now, the company's core focus is helping others learn landscape photography.

Autumn photo of cascades along the Lynn Camp Prong in Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The camera is placed out over the stream and looking up stream. Swiftly moving, frothy water leads back to several small waterfalls. The canopy above the falls is filled with beautiful autumn colors.
Stream, Smoky Mountains