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Panorama of a group of photographers in a field next to a stream photographing sunset.
Rocky Mountains

The information below usually applies to all of our workshops.


INSTRUCTION: This is a workshop environment, Andy is present to aid in the field and teach his techniques for landscape photography. Participants are assisted at their level which includes help with camera gear, exposure, focus, post processing and creating the most appealing compositions of each location we visit. If you are an advanced photographer he is happy to help or stay out of the way.

LODGING: Participants need to contact lodging directly and reserve their room(s).

WEATHER: Weather can make changes to our itineraries, impacting some locations. Participants may benefit by staying past workshops and photographing a few more days.

Three photographers photographing sunset on a black rock shore in Kauai.
Kauai Sunset


FOOD / WATER: We will provide snacks for enjoyment in the field. We do not provide water bottles. Please bring a reusable water bottle from home.

MEDICAL: One doesn't have to be in tip-top shape, but a participant's enjoyment will be enhanced by good health and preparation. Please consult with your doctor before attending our workshops.

HIGHER ELEVATIONS: Proper hydration is a must at higher elevations. Without it one will lose strength, energy and may develop a severe headache. To avoid dehydration one must drink beyond one's thirst.

Photographers photographing autumn colors.
Autumn Group


Bring all camera equipment including the camera's manual.

LENSES: We think participants should bring their entire range of lenses.

POLARIZING FILTER: We recommend using polarizing filters on most workshops.

ND FILTERS WATER: To blur streams or wave action at a beach into a mist, bring a 6-stop (1.8 filter) or higher neutral density filter, this filter can be the screw on type. Andy carries both a 6-stop (1.8) and a 10-stop (3.0) in his bag. Note: Andy highly recommend this filter when photographing coastal scenes. It allows one to create compelling, longer exposure photographs. If bringing this filter, also bring a cable release.

ND FILTERS CLOUDS: To blur cloud motion on a bright day, consider bringing a 9 or 10 stop neutral density filter, this filter can be the screw on type. If bringing this filter, also bring a cable release.

Note: Many variable ND filters have issues with banding and differential darkening, Andy does not recommend using variable ND filters.

MEMORY: Bring lots of memory, 64 to 128 gig if downloading and formatting cards for reuse. 32 to 64 gig per day if not formatting and reusing cards.

TRIPOD: One should photograph with a sturdy outdoor tripod that can adjust from standing height without cranking up a center post, to very close to the ground. This type of tripod does not have attachments from the legs to the center post; the legs move independently.

NO SHAKE: Please bring a cable release or know how to work the camera's timer delay to avoid camera shake.

LEVEL: Unless the camera has a built-in level, we recommend having a 2 axis flash shoe bubble level for this workshop, it is the easiest way to make sure photos are level. Please buy these at a reputable dealer; they run about $40.00.

AEB - BRACKETING: Andy combines images of various exposures in post processing. Andy will be happy to teach participants his field (requires a cable release with some cameras) and post processing techniques for doing so (bring a laptop with Photoshop installed).

Two photographers standing is a blustery, snowy, winter landscape.
Photographing Iceland


  • GPS for Vehicle
  • Flashlight
  • Tripod
  • Spare Camera Batteries
  • Camera's Manual
  • Lots of Memory
  • Filters
  • Extra Shoes and Socks
  • Camera
  • Rain Gear
  • Hiking Boots
  • Water Bottle
  • Warm Clothes
  • Umbrella
A photographer in a red jacket photographing in a mossy pacific northwest rainforest.
Pacific Northwest Rainforest


To be as prepared as possible for our workshops, please review the 2 videos, 7 lessons and 7 workshop handouts.

Two photographers standing on a barren hill photographing sunset in Badlands.
Photographing Badlands

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