Charleston & Savannah Photography Workshop

Workshop location Savannah, GA; An oak lined country lane with tree branches interlacing overhead.

MARCH 23rd - 28th, 2025

Space Available
$1690 USD
Instructor: Andy Cook


The area around Charleston SC and Savannah, GA has some of the most photogenic scenery in the south, historic buildings, beautiful gardens, tree lined lanes and more. Spring is the ideal time to photograph this region.

FOCUS: A beach with tree skeletons, oak lined avenues, plantations and historic districts of both Charleston, SC and Savannah, GA.

Workshop location, Driftwood beach on Jekyll island; A long dead, lone, tree skeleton stands erect at waters edge and silhouetted against a pink and blue sunrise.
Driftwood Beach
Photography location, Charleston SC; Historic district home with a fading, orange, stucco exterior that contrast nicely with the green, spring foliage in the pots and trees around the home.
Charleston Historic District


The workshop starts on Sunday, March 23rd at 6:15 pm with introductions and a brief meeting in the hotel breakfast room. At 6:50 pm the group will leave the hotel to preview and practice photographing the next morning's photo location.

LODGING LOCATION: Seafarer Inn and Suites, 700 Beach View Drive North, Jekyll Island, GA 31527. 912-635-2202
Check-in Sunday, March 23, 2025; Check-out Monday, March 24, 2025.

Relocate to
Courtyard Marriott, Savannah/Midtown, 6703 Abercorn Street, Savannah, GA 31405. 912-354-7878
Check-in Monday, March 24, 2025; Check-out Wednesday, March 26, 2025.

Relocate to
Comfort Suites West of the Ashley, 2080 Savannah Hwy, Charleston, SC 29407. 843-769-9850
Check-in Wednesday, March 26, 2025; Check-out Friday, March 28, 2025.

The workshop ends after morning photography on Friday, March 28, 2025.

We have extra rooms reserved at each hotel for participants who register near the start of the workshop.

Workshop location, Charleston, SC; Two adjoined, multi story historic homes with a street level, open corridor between them to side entrances and back yards.
Historic Charleston


MORNING: We'll be at a photography location for the start of civil twilight and we'll stay at that location through sunrise (about 7:20 am). We will go to breakfast after the morning shoot.

MIDDAY: On at least one day, post processing aid will be available to those who bring a laptop with Photoshop installed.

EVENING: Dinner in a restaurant is scheduled for each day before or after the evening's photography. Despite this area not easily lending itself to sunset photography, we have two sunset locations selected and three afternoon/evening locations.

City park in Savannah, GA. Dim predawn light filters through intertwined tree branches, dripping with Spanish moss, that form a complete arch over a long, straight walking path showered in the warm glow of overhead lamps.
City Park, Savannah, GA


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Photography location, Charleston SC; Twilight photo of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. bridge. The sky above is clear and blue, transitioning to an orange glow on the horizon. However it's dark enough that all of the bridge's lights are on, illuminating it's piers and supports making it stand out dramatically against the fading sky.
Charleston Bridge


participant experience level

EXPERIENCE: Intermediate and Advanced.
Because participants are encouraged to spread out at many locations this workshop is not advised for beginners.

workshop group size

GROUP SIZE: Target number of participants is 8.

workshop effort scale

EFFORT: During this workshop many photography locations will be just beyond the parking lot, while others will require a 10 to 15 minute walk to reach. Elevation gain is not a factor, the walking is deemed light activity. Trail hiking surfaces and those beyond the parking lot are generally uneven, hiking boots are recommended. Our longest trail is about 1/2 mile each way.

workshop weather conditions

CONDITIONS: Be prepared for changes in weather. Mornings can be very chilly.

BEACH: Be prepared to get calf's and feet wet. Sand levels and standing trees are different every year, impacting compositions, due to tides we will only visit one bone yard beach, not Botany Bay Plantation.

We cannot guarantee that flowers will be blooming or that tree leaves will be unfurled.

Workshop location, Savannah, GA; Shaded photo of an old arch and pillar, Bonaventure cemetery monument set on a pedestal with a large multi-branched oak tree rising above in such a way the tree seems to emanate from the top of the monument, and fill the sky above with waving limbs.
Bonaventure Cemetery


suggested workshop airports

AIR TRAVEL: Most people flying to this workshop will find flying into Charleston or Savannah to be the best choice.

Driving time from Charleston, SC to Jekyll Island, GA is about 3 hr 15 min.

car information

DRIVING CONDITIONS: Driving conditions will consist of mainly paved roads. When possible we prefer that participants car pool with each other to help limit our impact and get to know each other. A standard rental car will be sufficient.

Photo locations are spread out in this region so there is a bit more driving required on this workshop as compared to our typical workshops.

We will be relocating to new hotels and driving in traffic to restaurants and plantations. Having a GPS unit (or smart phone) in your car will make this process simpler.

Workshop location, Historic Charleston home with faded, yellow stucco, black shutters, trim and door. Each street side window has a flower box underneath that is over flowing with a tasteful assortment of blooming flowers.
Charleston Flower Boxes


equipment information


FOR CHARLESTON / SAVANNAH: A lens range from at least 18mm to 200mm after the lens multiplication factor is recommended.

Photography location, Charleston SC; Historic district home with a fading, orange, stucco exterior that contrast nicely with the green, spring foliage in the pots and trees around the home.
Charleston Historic District