Arnarstapi House

Stormy day, vertical image from a cliff on an Icelandic coast. The view is along the coast toward distant mountains shrouded in clouds. Here the coast is comprised of a thirty to fifty foot high, eroded, basalt cliff. At the bottom of the cliff waves crash on a beach of dark, basalt boulders. Some sections of the cliff have withstood erosional forces and become large isolated rocks in the water at the edge of the beach. Thick grass, starting to yellow with autumn, grows on the land above the cliff, the tops of the large rocks and less steep slopes on the cliff and rocks. A lone, classic Icelandic house sits two thirds of the way up the image and left of center in an undulating field of grass near the edge of the cliff. The house is white with a red roof and door. Behind it are distant mountains shrouded in storm clouds.
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