Newport Harbor

This fishing village scene is from very early on a foggy, overcast morning where it looks as if rain is about to start. The panorama was taken from a pier that leads to floating docks where fishing vessels take refuge. In the background on the left side of the frame is a tree topped hillside that slopes down from the left to the middle of the frame where it meets the water. On the hillside are many homes and building of the town. Below the hill, in the foreground on the left of the frame, is a dock running away from the camera. Here two fishing vessels are lined up pointing toward the camera, white one in front and an orange one behind it. Scanning right one sees a gap between docks then in the right two thirds of the image is a dock that emerges from the right side of the frame and leads back to the distant hillside. This dock is positioned such that fishing vessels face right and we view their starboard and stern sides.
Structures in Landscape Photos