Second Beach Sunset

A major feature of this sunset panorama is the colors in the cloudless sky. The sun has recently set and the camera faces toward sunset. In the middle of the frame, on the ocean's horizon, the sky is orange, then transitions in every direction to yellowish, pinkish then blue, with blue being the predominate hue in the image. In the middle of the bottom half of the frame a large, calm, tidal pool mirrors the colors in the sky. The pool also contains many rocks that rise above the surface. Nearby, on the far left side of the image an SUV sized rock fills the frame, top to bottom, but it slopes down from the top and up and out from the bottom in the composition to form a triangle shape that points to a dramatic, tree topped sea stack positioned a little to the right and further out toward the ocean. The right side of the image shows a more distant, sparsely treed hillside sloping out into the ocean.
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