Nubble Lighthouse Sunrise

This is the classic, quaint lighthouse with a white tower and black top adjacent to a two story, white, lighthouse keepers home with a red roof. This is surrounded by a white picket fence and set atop the highest point on a small island just off the Maine Coast. The green rolling yard continues outside the fence and contains a small red out building and a white building with a red roof. It's dawn and the described scene is in the left side of the frame above the middle. The island continues right and slopes down across most of the frame, but finds the ocean near the right side. The sun has just risen and is still orange, it's positioned in the right side of the frame where the island and horizon of the ocean intersect. The sky above the ocean, island and around the lighthouse and keepers home is ablaze with orange and yellow clouds. Below, in the closest foreground in the bottom half of the image, waves lap over a shelf of rocks. A little further back is a small gap of open water then the island.
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