Outdoor nature photographs by Andy Cook.
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Thank you for selecting one of our fine photographs.

You've made an excellent decision in purchasing one. We're certain you will be pleased.

For pricing, please select a choice below:

Standard Photograph: Order traditional prints; satin paper providing a luster finish; between matte and glossy. PROS: The customer can match matting and framing to taste, decor and to emphasize certain properties of the image. CONS: Mounting, matting and framing expense can add greatly to the overall cost.

Canvas: Order photographs printed on canvas. PROS: Great value, although they cost slightly more than a standard photograph, canvas prints arrive ready to hang. BEST VALUE!

Metal: Order high definition photographic images on aluminum. PROS: These metal prints have a highly reflective white base, creating an image with an almost glowing presence and a surprising feeling of depth; a 3D feel. Arrives ready to hang. CONS: Has a glossy finish which may not appeal to all tastes; Andy loves the way these look. Cost more than our canvas prints, which are also ready to hang, but often less than the typical total cost of our standard photograph after being mounted, matted and framed

Maximum Print Size = When an image is viewed from 1-2 feet, this size will reveal sharpness and detail. With the advent of digital photography, buyer's expectations of sharpness and detail have changed. Many of today's print buyers wish to closely view large images and see detail and sharpness. Therefore, we've added maximum print size for each image on our website. We will cheerfully print larger than the maximum print size.

In the past many of the images on our website that have a maximum print size of 11 x 16 have been used on billboards and for other large scale printing uses. Also, many of these images have been created as fine art prints much larger than 11 x 16.

Due to the nature of canvas, the maximum print size for canvas prints is one size larger than the posted maximum print size.


Please contact us with your request. If you have a budget to work with (don't we all) let us know what it is and we'll try to put a great package together for you.

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