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Photoshop Instruction For Landscape Photographers

Series of video lessons teaching Photoshop for Landscape and Nature Photographers
(Excellent for beginners and intermediate users of Photoshop)

Photoshop Video Instruction

This DVD contains over 8 hours of instruction in 75 video lessons specifically geared to the needs of landscape and nature photographers.

The videos will show what is happening on my screen while I discuss what I'm doing as I step you through my workflow and demonstrate the procedures I use in Photoshop. While Photoshop CS4 is used in the lessons, all of the techniques apply to CS5, CS6 and Photoshop CC; the instruction is still pertinent and valuable to those using CS5, CS6 or Photoshop CC.

This video series is very useful in understanding how Photoshop and it's components are laid out and used, and covers many of the nooks and crannies of the program I think are useful to Landscape Photographers.

The video lessons are HD wmv files that play on Windows Media Player. If using a Mac, additional software may have to be downloaded. By doing an internet search using the phrase "wmv player for mac" one will find all sorts of useful information. There are several free software options that may work for Apple systems; three of them are Flip4Mac Plugin, VLC Media Player and MPlayer OSX.

This video lesson series is only available through my website.

  DVD for playback on a computer; over 8 hours of instruction with lessons ranging from 2 - 14 minutes in length.
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Adobe Bridge Video Instruction
Adobe Bridge Photo Downloader - 3 Lessons
Adobe Bridge - 7 Lessons

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Adobe Camera Raw - 12 Lessons
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Plus a 15 minute Introduction Video!

"Really nice job you've done on your videos. I have been a member of Scott Kelby's online video website and while they cover a wide breadth of topics, I found your videos particularly helpful in the way they were presented from start to finish. Especially interesting to see your workflow process from Master file to Print and Web files. I've picked up some really useful ideas."

Doug Solis, California

"Andy, I just finished your photoshop DVD and wanted to let you know how helpful it was. I have been using Aperture and Photoshop for years and have viewed many PS tutorials - but I have to say your DVD was EXTREMELY helpful with several "tips" and shortcut that I had never seen. It was well worth the investment in time and money."  Tim Weir, Texas

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"...Andy Cook is one of Colorado's best outdoor photographers." The Voice, Fort Collins, CO

"Best Nature Photographer: Andy Cook - In a region that's understandably strong in nature photography, Cook stands out for his quality, his productivity and his commitment to passing on everything he knows to aspiring photographers." The Gazette, Colorado Springs

" array of eye-catching landscape scenes that would make any nature lover homesick. The vivid colors and striking compositions of these wilderness photographs prove just how accomplished a photographer Cook has become." Colorado Springs Independent