Personal Photoshop Instruction
Learning Photoshop
With an emphasis on Landscape Photography

This individual or group instruction may be held at your home or where you choose. Learning will be paced to your individual needs. Consider having Andy instruct a small group of your friends.

This level of Photoshop instruction is for those who are comfortable navigating through Adobe Bridge, Adobe Raw Converter and Adobe Photoshop but are ready for more advanced techniques and skills. Potential topics to cover include spending time on Bridge covering meta data, filters, ranking, etc. Discussing Adobe Camera Raw in all its glory including the HSL Tab, black and white conversion with split toning, lens correction, regional adjustments and much more. The heart of our Photoshop discussions will revolve around adjustment layers and masking, but Andy can also cover strategies for retouching, how to create and use Actions and much more. You will get his DVD Photoshop Instruction For Landscape Photographers.

Usual Arrangement: Andy will travel to your home to help you learn Photoshop on your computer. A typical instruction session is about 4 hours and cost $300.00.

If Andy's schedule permits, he will travel nationally and internationally. Andy will travel to parts of Colorado at no additional charge.

For information and scheduling call 719-635-6268.