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Adobe® Photoshop® - Lessons 40 - 53

Adobe Photoshop is a powerful image manipulation tool. It has many uses for a variety of users such as graphic designers. These videos are meant to aid landscape and nature photographers understand how they might use this immense program.

Intermediate Lessons - To assist in the creation of a Master File:

Lesson Forty - Contrast Mask

1. Technique for creating a contrast mask. Duplicate background layer, desaturate, invert, change mode to overlay, Gaussian blur 5 - 30, change layer opacity to taste.

Lesson Forty One - Advanced Masking Technique

Advanced Masking Exercise: Combine different exposures of the same image with a complicated sky (trees).

1. Auto Align.
2. Darker image on top.
3. Add a layer mask to the darker image.
4. Click on the background (lower) layer and do (Ctrl-A) to select all and then (Ctrl-C) to copy it.
5. Alt-Click on the layer mask of the upper layer (darker image).
6. Paste (Ctrl-V) then “Select - Deselect” to remove marching ants.
7. Image - Adjust - Curves. Pull the ends of the curve directly in.
8. Select a black brush and fill in the foreground of the mask with black.
9. View the image, zoom into the trees and use “Select and Mask” to fine tune the transition.

Lesson Forty Two

1. Useful way to use a Hue Saturation Adjustment Layer to adjust/fix/change colors.

Lesson Forty Three

1. Emulate a Color Intensifier (Film camera filter).

Lesson Forty Four

1. Darken corners of an image; "Filter - Lens Correction".

Lesson Forty Five

1. Focus Stacking: Auto blend multiple images for great depth-of-field: Carefully review the final image.

Lesson Forty Six - Create a Panorama (Part 1)

1. Creating Panoramas (Via selections in Bridge).
2. How to use “Edit - Transform”.

Lesson Forty Seven - Create a Panorama (Part 2)

1. Recognize a lens vignette issue and correct for it.

Lesson Forty Eight

Even out sky polarization issues.
1. Select sky with “Select - Color Range”.
2. Copy sky to new layer using (Ctrl-J).
3. Desaturate the new layer; Image - Adjust - Desaturate.
4. Invert the new layer (Ctrl-I).
5. Change the blend mode to “Soft Light” or “Overlay”.
6. Adjust layer opacity to taste.

Intermediate Lessons - To assist in the creation of an Output File:

Lesson Forty Nine

1. Creating and using Actions: I.E. Create an action to resize horizontal master files for output to the internet.

Lesson Fifty - Sharpening (Part 1)

1. Unsharp mask.

Lesson Fifty One - Sharpening (Part 2)

1. Smart Sharpen.

Lesson Fifty Two - Sharpening (Part 3)

1. Masking a sharpened area.

Lesson Fifty Three - Soft Proofing

1. Get profile from lab.
2. Put it in the appropriate location.
3. Soft proofing.

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