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Adobe® Camera Raw (ACR)

As photographers ACR is where we will do most of our image adjustments, often all of the image adjustments will be completed here with nothing left to be done in Adobe Photoshop, other than saving as an image file. After ACR adjustments are complete, open the image in Photoshop, make any additional adjustments and save the image as a master file in either a tiff or psd format.

Note: ACR becomes more powerful with each new release of Photoshop. Image manipulations that we used to perform in Adobe Photoshop, might now be more easily done in ACR. The ACR interface is far more intuitive than the Photoshop interface, so I recommend performing as many adjustments in ACR as possible.

Beginner Lessons:

Lesson One - Introduction to the ACR Workspace (Part 1)

1. How to get an image(s) into ACR.
2. Toggle the size of ACR window.
3. Discuss the intended flow down and through the tabs.
4. “Done” “Cancel” “Save Image” Buttons.
5. Camera Raw preferences; Jpeg and Tiff files able to be opened in ACR.

Lesson Two - Introduction to the ACR Workspace (Part 2)

1. Toggle Highlight and Shadow warnings.
2. Preview check box (tab specific).

Lesson Three - Discussion of Tools (Part 1)

1. Zoom Tool (keyboard shortcut - Z).
2. Hand Tool (Press and hold the space bar).
3. White Balance; White Balance Eye Dropper Tool.

Lesson Four - Discussion of Tools (Part 2)

1. Targeted Adjustment Tool.
2. Cropping (use of shift key) (keyboard shortcut - C).
3. Straighten Tool.
4. Adjustment Brush (also see Lesson 10 & 11).
5. Graduated Filter (also see Lesson 12).

Lesson Five

1. What to do to the image?
2. Quick discussion of the 6 tabs used (first six).
3. Basic Tab
4. Discuss an approach to histogram manipulation.
5. Clarity.
6. Vibrance.
7. Saturation.
8. Workflow Options Dialogue Box (link below the image).

Lesson Six

1. Two or more images “Select All” then “Synchronize”.

Intermediate Lessons:

Lesson Seven

1. Tone Curve Tab.
2. Detail Tab (Input sharpening; very mild. Not output sharpening).

Lesson Eight

1. HSL Tab (In depth look).

Lesson Nine

1. Lens Correction Tab.
2. Black and White conversion with split toning technique.

Lesson Ten - Regional Adjustments

1. Adjustment Brush (tool).

Lesson Eleven - Regional Adjustments

1. Adjustment Brush (tool). More information.

Lesson Twelve - Regional Adjustments

1. Graduated Filter.
2. Radial Filter.

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