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Adobe® Bridge Photo Downloader

This program is typically used to transfer images from a camera or memory card to a computer. There is no requirement to use Adobe Bridge Photo Downloader but there are a few positive features to take advantage of.

Beginner Lessons:

Lesson One

1. First create a folder on your computer where you want to save your images. Such as “Arches NP May 09”.
2. How to get to Adobe Photo Downloader.
3. The program automatically selects all images for download.
4. How to create a subfolder.
5. Select the images to download.
6. Rename files or do not rename files.
7. Open Adobe Bridge.

Lesson Two

1. Convert to DNG.
2. Delete original files?
3. Save copies to?

Intermediate Lesson - This should be viewed after learning about metadata templates in Adobe Bridge Lesson Six

Lesson Three
1. Apply Metadata Template.

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