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Adobe® Bridge

Adobe Bridge is a program that is used for organizing and viewing images. From Bridge, users can select raw files for processing in Adobe Camera Raw “ACR” and image files for processing in Photoshop.

Beginner Lessons:

Lesson One

1. Arrange Adobe Bridge layout.
2. Saving a workspace; “ Windows” - “Workspace” - “New Workspace”.

Lesson Two

1. Find folders.
2. Bridge preferences; “Edit” - “Preferences”.

Lesson Three

1. Image rotation.
2. Rank images - Label images.
3. Show how to use filters to view the ranked and labeled images and other properties.

Lesson Four

1. Loupe (Magnifying Glass).
2. Select image(s) to take into Adobe Camera Raw “ACR”.
3. Select image(s) to open in Photoshop.

Intermediate Lessons:

Lesson Five

1. Camera Raw Preferences.
2. “Right Click” - “Develop Settings”.
3. “Edit” - “Duplicate”: For creating a 2nd or 3rd...copy of an image or raw file.

Lesson Six

1. Metadata tab.
2. Show how to create metadata templates and apply them to an image.
3. Use of “File” - “File Info”.

Lesson Seven

1. Show items from subfolders. “View” - “Show Items from Subfolders”.
2. Sorting the Contents Tab. “View” - “Sort”.
3. Discussion of stacking images.
4. “Tools” - “Photoshop” - .

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